Ice Scratchers Trail Blizzer carbide wear point

Ice Scratchers Trail Blizzer carbide wear point

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  • Snowmobile ice scratchers


    Ice scratchers are a must when it comes to snowmobiles. This product is BY FAR the best choice in ice scratchers. The Trail Blizzer is designed to prevent slider damage and engine overheating on hard or icy surfaces. To do this, the Trail Blizzer projects snow and ice onto the components of the snowmobile. Our high-strength flexible steel cable allows them to be used in both forward and reverse gears, a feature in itself.  Also, the composition of the cable allows the Trail Blizzer to adapt to any imperfections in the terrain without being damaged. To provide even more protection and durability, the cable is covered with a freeze-resistant covering, which eliminates the risk of swelling following repeated contact with water and ice.

    It is important to emphasize the ease of installation of the Trail Blizzer as well as to what point it is universal. The innovative anti-unscrewing mechanism, that we have designed, allows the Trail Blizzer to be fixed to the suspension rails which allows installation on  any sled! Whether it's an Arctic Cat, a Ski-Doo, a Lynx a Yamaha or a Polaris, the Trail Blizzer can be installed in less than 10 minutes!


    The best snowmobile ice scratchers


    The best snowmobile ice scratchers...we have it! But why are you we so confident that our ice scratcher is the best on the market?  The simple answer: thanks to our experience! The detailed answer: The Trail Blizzer differs greatly from the competition because the most common problems encountered with other scrapers have been resolved by our experts in order to let you enjoy 100% of your snowmobile. First, the flexible and protected wire cable design makes the Trail Blizzer nearly indestructible! In addition to its patented anti-unscrewing system, the wear tips in carbide or steel are replaceable which is very appreciated by users!

    • Cools the snowmobile radiator to prevent engine overheating.
    • Lubricates rear suspension sliders
    • Patented cable anti-unscrewing system
    • Durable design
    • Installs on all snowmobiles (universal)
    • 360 degree flex allows for forward and reverse operation
    • Sheathed flexible high tensile steel cable
    • Replaceable wear tips (metal/carbide)
    • Ultra resistant carbide wear tips
    • Designed for most Ski-Doo, Lynx, Polaris, Arctic-Cat and Yamaha snowmobiles
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